Inspiration for the Milagro set comes from a display of Milagros from around the world and on view inside at the Museum of International Folk Art, in Santa Fe. 

Pictured alongside the set are photos of a few of the museum's  Milagro displays. 

When the Spanish came to the New World, they brought with them the Milagro tradition. Translated from Spanish to English, the word Milagro means miracle. These “charms” can be made of silver, tin or gold, bone, wood, or wax; and come in many shapes and sizes: from hearts, hands, and eyes, to houses, and animals. Milagros can be offered for healing or in gratitude for a prayer answered. Equally they are carried or given for protection and good luck. 

The Milagro set is made of plywood and is unpainted. Enjoy it as or paint your very own. Instructions included, but please notefor best results, we recommend you remove the tree cut out and paint it before assembling it. 

String them together to make a wall hanging or give them as gifts. Approximate dimensions for the hand Milagro: 7" high or 18cm.

Below are some of the qualities assigned to Milagros.

  • Heart: love, joy, longing, passion, worry
  • Hand: work, strength, creativity, creation, help 
  • Eyes: vision, insight, intuition, vigilance
  • Horse: work, speed, travel, journey
  • Dog: dog, protection, loyalty
  • House: home, protection, family

Credits for the Milagros pictured:

Metal milagros from various countries, Girard Foundation Collection, Museum of International Folk Art.


  • Height approx 14cm