Inspiration for these holiday ornaments comes from the extensive folk art collections at the Museum of International Folk Art.

Every culture and country celebrate the winter holidays in their own unique way, but across the world there are some commonalities: bringing fresh greens into the home – evergreen boughs, palms rushes, and pine, spruce, or fir trees – preparing special foods and singing songs. In the of midst of winter’s long days, the greens represent the promise of renewal; the sharing of food brings people together and singing lifts the soul.

As for the origin of ornaments, it is the Germans who, in the mid-1800’s, invented shaped glass ornaments. Since then, ornament designs have evolved and, like most folk art, represent objects, animals and beings that bring joy, blessings, and abundance.

This flat pack Holiday Ornament Set is made of plywood and unpainted. We invite you to bring these shapes to life and, with a bit of paint, make them your very own.

Instructions included, but please notefor best results, we recommend you remove the ornament shapes and paint then before assembling them. 


  • Height approx 14cm