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I was asked to design this tea towel by Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft to accompany their latest Exhibition, Taking a Line for a Walk, John Vernon Lord and Friends. The show is glorious, featuring the work of John Vernon Lord, a fantastic illustrator and contemporary and friend of Raymond Briggs, Helen Oxenbury, John Burningham, Quentin Blake and Jane Hissey. John, who taught me at Brighton University, very kindly allowed me to re-imagine the villagers of Itching Down, the characters in his beloved book The Giant Jam Sandwich. My tea towel is great for drying up but you can also make it into finger puppets and re-enact the story of The Giant Jam Sandwich. If you would like some instructions you can find them here.


  • A 50 x70cm, 8oz 100% organic cotton, screen printed tea towel

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