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This print is part of a collection of lino cuts that I did, inspired by the clothing worn by models on the Gucci catwalk. I was asked to make some work about modern life. The main inspiration for my work comes from folk art so I had to think hard about what I wanted to do. I stumbled across a photo of a Gucci model and was struck by how her clothing referenced folk costumes. Once I started researching Gucci's recent collections designed by Alessandro Michele, I fell in love with them. I went on to do a small exhibition of Gucci prints, available here.


This three colour print is printed on 130g imitation Japanise vellum using linseed based inks. It measures 240 x 320mm


Some prints have a watermark in them (see alternative photo). Some people like this and some don't. Email me if you would rather not have a watermark.

Gucci Spring '17

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