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Come On, Let's Shop Local!

We all know that many local businesses have had a very tough time this last year, especially the independent shops on our high streets. Next week they are finally allowed to open and I am so looking forward to visiting them and seeing familiar, friendly faces.

Making things has been even more important to me during the last year. It has focused my mind and helped me feel more in control in such an unpredictable time. So, inspired by my recent discovery of crewel embroidery, I have designed a shopping bag for people to embroider and wear with pride as they return to the shops. I picked the image of a cockerel because they are traditionally heralds of the new day. This one is encouraging us to 'Shop Local'.

If you wish to join me in my appreciation of our local shops and businesses, you can buy your own bag, or one for a friend perhaps. The kit comes complete with a sturdy 8oz organic, Fairtrade, cotton canvas shopping bag with the design for you to embroider printed on the side, an instruction postcard and all the wool you need to complete the design. It uses basic embroidery stitches that can be sewn by beginners and more experienced embroiderers alike.

I'll see you down the shops!



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