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How to make a cardboard fan

Here is a little zine of instructions on how to make a cardboard version of a traditional Japanese fan (Uchiwa), inspired by the fans in the online collection of the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.

Get your zine print out here.

Set your paper size to A4 borderless when you print out the design

See the zine folding instruction video below 

zine folding instruction video

Watch this video to see how to fold a zine. It's easy!

PS online.jpg

Print out the design, setting your paper size to A4 borderless or, if you don't have an edge to edge printer, set the size to 'fit to page'. Back Phoenix and her shoe stand with card so that she stands up straight. Snip the dotted lines at the bottom of the legs and the top of the shoes so that they slot together. Bend the shoe stand along the dotted line in the middle of the stand and slot the shoes into the bottom of the legs. Cut out the clothes and dress Phoenix, using the tabs to hold the clothes in place. Why not design some clothes yourself? Post your pictures on Instagram with the #phoenixshellmadine. Have fun!

Ms shellmadine

This is Phoenix Shellmadine. She loves vintage clothes that she buys from The Saturday Dress which is owned by Kate O'Donnell. In fact Phoenix is named after Kate's favourite primary school teacher, Miss Shellmadine. Kate remember's how sad she was when Miss Shellmadine got married and changed her name to Mrs Black. All of Phoenix's clothes are real. My favourite is the yellow Mod dress, designed by Gerald McCann.

Click here to download your own Phoenix. 


Are you and your friends or family arguing about what to play on Spotify during isolation? Here is the answer! Print out this Pop Picker, setting your paper size to A4 borderless or, if you don't have an edge to edge printer, set the size to 'fit to page', follow the folding instructions and all your problems are over. Musical harmony reigns.

Click here to download your Pop Picker


Here is a link to the playlist on Spotify that matches the numbers on the picker. 


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